Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trulia growing rapidly

Even with housing market soft, online real estate search company Trulia is growing rapidly
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The real estate market is in serious turmoil and has likely thrown the entire
economy into a recession, so you’d think a real estate search startup might not
be a hot item. But you’d be wrong.

One such real estate search startup, href="">Trulia, is not only doing fine, but usage of
the site is accelerating as a result of the housing downturn, co-founder and
chief executive Pete Flint tells us. Users are flocking to sites such as Trulia,
because they are independent and give people more control to find exactly what
they are looking for, at the right price, in troubled times.

Today, Trulia is launching a new feature to to make the service even more
useful: Integration with href="">Google Street
. The service, which you might have heard of because of the controversy
that surrounds it amid privacy concerns, shows panoramic pictures of places on
Google Maps that can be rotated 360 degrees. You can traverse within this view
to give you the feeling as if you on the city’s street itself.


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