Friday, June 27, 2008

Why do we blog about NW Indiana?

I was interviewed this week and asked the key question: "Why do you blog?"

A few highlights, and once the article is posted I'll update here with a link.

  1. Blogging is one of the most important tools for SEO (search engine optimization) for a business. Many of us have websites, but few ever get any real traffic. Blogging creates traffic because the content changes more often and search engines would prefer constant change.
  2. Business owners have a lot of small thoughts and tid bits to offer their clients and suppliers, but very few chances to communicate them. Blogging is the perfect platform to not only say it, but to create a conversation with these constituents.
  3. Decision makers are more and more prone to using online research to whittle a list of possible partners or service providers than ever. If you aren't blogging, aren't online, aren't creating social community in your niche ... then someone else will be talking to your customers and supplier partners.
This site focuses on our consulting services, and due to the nature of many of our client relationships we can't really discuss the specifics of these assignments ... but I do try to review basic strategies and commercial real estate overviews. Business in NW Indiana is still very strong, and many businesses are looking to expand. Now is the time to grow.

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