Monday, October 20, 2008

Indiana Chamber of Commerce Endorse Mitch Daniels

For the first time in it's history the Indiana Chamber of Commerce stepped out and endorsed Mitch Daniels for Governor. Not too tough a call, since he's leading in all polls and in some by as much as 18%. But it does say a lot when all we're hearing about is a recession and credit market problems ... The Daniels administration is doing much better than almost all other states.
The Indiana Chamber of Commerce, the state’s largest broad-based business association, today announced its endorsement of Republican Mitch Daniels for governor. This marks the first time in the Chamber’s 86-year history that it has publicly endorsed a gubernatorial candidate.
“Indiana’s performance has been head and shoulders above its Midwestern neighbors and most others across the country. Our state's AAA credit rating is a good example. We must continue to elevate our state in order to have that competitive advantage when it comes to business and job location, the rightsizing of local government, training for our existing workers and so much more that impacts Hoosiers every day. That’s why keeping Gov. Daniels – someone who has demonstrated his ability to achieve success in these areas – in office is so important for our state.”
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