Monday, March 22, 2010

We pay real estate agents

For years home builders and real estate agents have had a love/hate relationship, perhaps even more hate than love. Here's our written policy on paying real estate agents:
  • You must be licensed in the State of Indiana
  • You must register your client with us, email or fax or even tweet, but let us know who you are working with to eliminate confusion
  • We will pay you 3% for introducing us to a customer that buys a home within one year of the introduction. You introduce, and are welcome to join as many meetings as you want during the process, but are not required to do any more than register.

For active real estate professionals and online marketers we also have the Green Pointe VIP Program:
  • Increased commissions for licensed agents who introduce us to multiple clients
  • Cross marketing opportunities using our online resources in collaboration with yours
  • Training and coaching opportunities for social media, new media synergies
  • For those with real estate licenses in escrow, we have a legal referral program as well
  • For licensed mortgage bankers, brokers, insurance agents, financial planners we also build custom referral programs that work for your clients and meet requirement of the State of Indiana.
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