Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Twitter List Research - Home Builders

I am trying to build a twitter list for home builders and home building related entities (feel free to follow that list too), if you are a home builder or related entity please leave your twitter profile in the comments here or send me an @ reply to either @daltonsbriefs my primary profile or @greenpointe for Green Pointe Homes.

The list will top out at 500, since that's all twitter will let you list, and then I'll have to start a second one like I've done for realestate and northwest indiana.

One last question for those that happen across this post, is there a single hashtag being used for home builder related posts these days?


NAHB - National Association of Home Builders said...

NAHB and @homebuildrs, our main Twitter feed, most often uses #NAHB and #housing. #housing seems to have gained wide industry usage, as well as #homebuilders and #homebuilding.

HcoRealEstates said...
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