Saturday, September 13, 2008

Social Median packed with liberals, need help

This site, although some good ideas, is packed with liberals so sign up and help me show them the other side of the story

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Huffington Post :
She said "nucular." Twice. I realized three things tonight. For one, if you are a McCain/Palin/Bush voter, you and I do not have a difference of opinion. We have a difference in brain power. Two, she really is as ignorant as I feared. And, three, she really is kinda hot. Basically, I want to have sex with her on my B (Read More)




8 hours ago

: Brilliant political move. Dems were stupid to dismiss this one.


6 minutes ago

: She will be your Vice President, I know it's tough to get used to but we'll have a woman VP. As for the interview, she was decent but similar to Barack she works a crowd the best
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