Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our services

Was asked to post a list of our consulting services, so here it is:

  • Developer and Bank workouts on ailing real estate projects
  • Social media services including set up, writing, public relations and listening post
  • Sales training with a focus on real estate, mortgage lending, and new home sales
  • Development market studies, with feasibility and planning assistance
  • Strategic planning - company planning retreats, organization structure
That's the bulk of our services, please feel free to contact me directly if I can prepare a proposal for you and/or your company or project.



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adrin said...

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briefs said...

Interesting, but sad, that the only two comments on my landing page blog were spammers. Oh well.

For those that come here, you'll note that I don't blog much on this site ... it's really an index of the site where I write and engage online