Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Geo-targeting my sites

It's my strong opinion, and most of mine are, that consumers are finally really using geographic terms when searching for service providers. For years consumers really struggled with searching for a real estate company, or mortgage company, or even insurance company because the generic search terms yielded them little result but more frustration.

Here are the projects I'm working on today, if you are reading and think I'm off base say so. If you have a site that is a legitimate reciprocal link, let me know. Spammers please stay away:

  • Northwest Indiana Real Estate - I worked on this term back a couple years ago, and really did well in for Northwest Indiana home builder especially. Right before the home building market went haywire consumers were starting to search for home builders online this way.
  • Portage, Valparaiso, Chesterton Indiana Mortgages and Mortgage Rates - It's a mouthful, and no one types in all those terms, but frankly who wants to work with Quicken Loans for a mortgage right here in the region? Think that appraisal will be fair ... no way! The bulk of my referrals go to First Financial Trust Mortgage, in Portage. Good solid loan brokers, with lots of avenues to get that tough loan or tough appraisal approved.
  • Indiana municipal finance consultant - this term's is a whole lot harder to gain analytics on, frankly many Indiana mayors and elected officials still use word of mouth to get referred to a finance consultant. One of the major competitors has basically paid the way for the association (IACT) that connects all the possible consumers, it's a tough sale to get in the door but well worth it because that competitor is stretched too thin.
  • Northwest Indiana Politics - my number one and most trafficked site, even offering advertising for the first time due to amount of traffic. We have multiple authors from different perspectives, and some of the posts get pretty heated in the comments. This site averages a post a day, sometimes three or four though.
I try to write everyday, oh let's be honest I'm lucky to write every day on all these sites.

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