Monday, April 12, 2010

How to build a home Part One

This begins a series I've postponed a couple time, but really need to get started. I'm sure comments and additional thoughts will cause some revisions along the way.

How to build a home Part One - Location, Location, Location

It seems so cliched to say, and yet from the perspective of building a new home, in any part of the country, but especially here in Northwest Indiana the key is where? You may already be disagreeing with me and wanting to talk budget or investments or financing first. But alas I'm writing the series and I can tell you that LOCATION is KING!

What school system
What kind of neighborhood
Sidewalks or rural roads
Manicured lawns or Acres and Privacy
Neighbors for that next block party or perhaps trees so you can't see anyone
In the city with utilities
In the county with well and septic

These are key questions that predate budget or financing truthfully. All of them have corresponding pluses and minuses that have to do with who you are, and how your family lives now and wants to live the future. Perhaps you can drive the streets of your area and choose that perfect spot easily ... or is it a bit more difficult and you need another set of eyes? I have often done the "DRIVING and DREAMING" Tour with potential homebuyers and it can be extremely revealing.

This brings then to center stage the need for good maps and driving directions and background information on all those communities in your area that have available homesites. And that is our project right here on this site for this month. We will be posting one at a time maps and detailed information on each community in Lake, LaPorte and Porter County that we know of that have available lots. We'll even be available to help if you want ideas.

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Kevin Beamer said...

My cousin is one of the people who really consider budgeting and financing first, then works his way into looking for a location with the right plan in mind.

I also see and agree on your point, Mr. Dalton. On top of my list would be the kind of place where I want to settle in, before working on a budget and other things like searching for a good contractor. Leads about location seems to work for me, then.

paula said...

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Abbie said...

I think I follow you on this one, Steve. Before my husband and I got married, we were very busy searching for the perfect city to settle in. We had a list of the things to consider, some of which you've mentioned here. And then we chose Edmonton. Best mortgages around the area were brought to us by our broker so we had options.

The mortgage broker (Edmonton-located) then worked with us on the rest, like payments, papers, etc. I would advise soon-to-be homeowners the same: location comes in first.

Daimon said...

Completely agree with your post! We need to consider the location of the house. the convenience it could provide. Like it near, malls, market place, entertainment facilities, schools and many more. Also, the safe and security must be taken into consideration.

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james thomsonn said...

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